Our Church Library is a wonderful resource for those wishing to learn more about our Orthodox Christian Faith. Its collection also includes many classical and contemporary books. In addition we also have digital resources such as dvds and videos. The Library is open Sundays following Divine Liturgy until 1pm and most weekdays from 9am-4pm.

You are welcome to search the library online through our digital card catalogue here:

Here is the link to our Church Library Blog ( It has information about our Book Club as well as other educational resources.

Also, below are some links to the Christian Classics pages.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library:

Alfred E. Green's Site on the Church Fathers:

Orthodoxy through Patristic Monastic and Liturgical Study:

Media from Ancient Faith: eBooks:


For more information please see our Church Calendar, Bulletin, Glad Tidings Newsletter or contact our Church Office (716) 882-9485.