Frequently Asked Questions

Are we planning to relocate from our present facility and build another church?
No. This site is in addition to our church complex on Delaware Avenue. We are not relocating, but we are creating a modern facility to serve for our parish families.

Are there plans to sell any existing parish property in order to finance the building of these new facilities?
No parish property will be sold as part of the capital campaign.

Do you intend to seek a bank loan for the construction?
No, we do not intend to seek a mortgage for this project. All funds will come from capital campaign donations, gifts and bequests.

Do we have an estimate on maintenance and operating costs associated with the new facilities? How are we going to cover these costs?
Operating costs are estimated to be around $60,000 a year. This will be included in our budget and will be raised by stewardship and other fundraising.

What is the income that is expected to be raised by the Family Life Center?
We expect to raise around $90,000 annually from fundraising events and increased stewardship.

Why do I need to pledge now?
To meet our $700,000 goal by December 31, 2016.

Can’t I just give an amount of my choosing at whatever time I am able?
Yes, you can, but we need pledges to plan.

When will we break ground?
The site work begun in July 2016.

When will it be completed?
Phase I (Chapel and community center) construction will take an estimated 6 months to complete.

What is the capacity of the Chapel?
The plan is for the chapel to fit 100 people.

Can one give stock or other investments as a way of fulfilling a pledge?
Yes, many people give through a variety of vehicles, including donations of
stock and sales of properties and other assets. Please talk to your financial
advisor, or Fr. Christos or the Capital Campaign chair.