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As Orthodox Christians we seek to participate in ascetic practices (prayer, fasting, reading Scripture and spiritual literature, works of mercy, almsgiving, attending services, and participation in the mysteries (sacraments) to deepen our relationship with the Risen Lord and to discover the kingdom of heaven within each one of us. Here you will be able to find many items to support your spiritual journey ranging from liturgical books, ecclesiastical items, Orthodox music CD's, Orthodox icons, spiritual books, baptismal clothing, religious articles and jewelry, incense, incense burners, greeting cards, candles, hard to find ingredients for bake goods and much more. The bookstore staff will be happy to assist you in locating titles, as well as in answering your questions about the Orthodox faith.


Icons available in the Bookstore and Gift Shop
Some of the icons available in the Bookstore and Giftshop


The Bookstore is organized into sections by topic:

Orthodoxy and the Faith
Orthodoxy and the Saints
Orthodoxy and the Sacraments
Orthodoxy and Women
Orthodoxy and Prayer
Orthodoxy and Psychology
Orthodox Spirituality
Orthodox Bibles, Services Books and Prayerbooks
Orthodoxy and Teenagers and Beyond
Orthodoxy and Parenting
History of the Orthodox Church
Children’s Books Cookbooks
Greek language books
Sale books

Come and See Some of our Selection (Sample Titles):

Preparing to Serve as a God Parent Your Baby’s Baptism in the Orthodox Church
Let’s Take a Walk Through our Orthodox Church,... History of the Early Church
Fall of Constantinople Questions and Answers
Way of the Pilgrim Ladder of Divine Ascent
The Philokalia Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
Holy Week and Pascha Paraklesis
Let Us Attend Journey through the Orthodox Liturgy Lives of the Saints and Major Feast
Loukoumi's Good Deeds Lynette's Hope
Mary; Worthy of All Praise Papa Dimitri: The Man of God
Pearl of Great Price Prayer in the Unseen Warfare
Becoming Orthodox The Orthodox Church
The Orthodox Way Facing East
The Faith: Understanding Orthodox Christianity... The Orthodox Church: 455
Akathist Hymn Orthodox Study Bibles and Commentaries
Elder Porphyrios: Wounded by Love St. Nectarios of Aegina
Women Deacons in the Orthodox Church Women and the Priesthood
Raising Them Right Royal Monastic
Victory in the Unseen Warfare Virtue in the Unseen Warfare
Why Wait Until Marriage
The Winter Pascha















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