Sunday Church School

Palm Sunday

Our Mission

The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Sunday School endeavors to work together with parents, clergy and the church community to encourage and instruct children in the Orthodox faith. It is our mission to guide children and youth to understand the history, traditions, beliefs and practices of Orthodoxy so that they may “hand forward” the Orthodox Christian faith to the next generation.

Ages/Grades We Currently Serve

Our school is organized by lower level (pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade) and upper level (grades 7th through 12th). Instruction begins right after Holy Communion and is taught by faithful parish volunteers. Some classes are combined and students may remain with the same teacher(s) for a couple years. The lower level classes meet at the classrooms downstairs, whereas the upper level classes meet at the boardroom and the Chapel upstairs. Additionally, we have a Pre-Nursery/Nursery room downstairs for parents and their babies and/or toddlers, where the Sunday School teacher facilitates fellowship for the parents and the young ones. Preschool-age children (turning 4 by December 1st ) are moved up to the Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten class in the beginning of the school year.

Good Friday Retreat


Our Sunday School curriculum is designed to meet our youth’s spiritual needs. We use age appropriate books provided by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Department of Religious Education, the Bible and other resources. Each year the curriculum taught in combined classes will alternate. We are refining our curriculum on an annual basis to keep the materials and topics current. Hymnology is integrated in the curriculum to enrich our children’s appreciation of the importance of music in our worship. As part of the curriculum, we encourage our students to participate in the Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival.


First day of classes will be on Sunday, September 9, 2018 and promotion day will be on Sunday, May 19, 2019. For Sunday School dates and events, please look at the church calendar, Glad Tidings, Sunday bulletin, and Sunday School bulletin board. Students should report to class immediately following Holy Communion. Dismissal is at approximately 12:15 p.m. The actual dismissal time will be posted every Sunday on the bulletin board in the hallway next to the gift shop.

Decorating mats for Thanksgiving with the Homeless


Children will have the opportunity to help others during the Sunday School year in a variety of ways, including food and mission drives, as well as assisting Orthodox Action and the Women’s Philoptochos in their efforts.


A light snack is provided to students in class. Please inform Lea Cervi or Effie George and the classroom teacher of any food allergies your child may have.

Christmas Pageant


Please make an effort to meet your kid’s Sunday School teacher(s) and discuss the curriculum or any other questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact the co-coordinators Lea Cervi and Effie George at  and, respectively.

Sunday Church School Staff 2018-2019

Pre Nursery - Nursery

Ms. Nicole Marcello and Ms. Gina Kouimanis

Pre K - Kindergarten

Ms. Marina Chilelli and Ms. Rachel Chilelli

1st - 2nd Grades

Ms. Lynda Mermigas and Mr. Nicholas Christakis

3rd - 4th Grades

Ms. Lea Cervi and Ms. Kelly Haidar

5th - 6th Grades

Ms. Effie George

7th - 9th Grades

Dr. Tina Anas and Dr. Dina Spiropoulos

10th - 12th Grades

Ms. Chris Liolios and Mr. Peter Hiczewski

Theology through Hymnology

Dr. George Marinides (upper level grades)

Youth Hymnology

Dr. Vicki Pappas

Visual Aids/Bulletins

Presvytera Athena Gousios

Sunday School Substitute

Ms. Theologia Ladas


Ms. Lea Cervi and Ms. Effie George

Asst. Coordinator

Mr. Peter Hiczewski

Religious education is a priority in our Church!