Sunday Church School

Our Mission
The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Sunday Church School endeavors to work together with parents, clergy and the church community to encourage and instruct children in the Orthodox faith. It is our mission to guide children and youth in understanding the history, traditions, beliefs and practices of Orthodoxy so that we may “hand forward” the Orthodox Christian faith to the next generation.

Ages/Grades We Currently Serve
We are offering instruction for children ages 2 and up. Children who are 2 years old may enroll in the Pre-K class. Some classes have been combined and will remain with a team of teachers for 2 years. Each year the curriculum taught in combined classes will alternate.

Our curriculum uses resources from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and is supplemented by material from the Antiochian Orthodox religious education website, the Orthodox Church in America christian education website, and OCEC (Orthodox Christian Education Commission). We are constantly refining our curriculum.

Please see the Churh Calendar for all dates and events. Children should report to class immediately following communion and will be dismissed at approximately 12:15 p.m.

Children in grades 1-6 will meet together on the first Sunday of the month to participate in the Theology through Hymnology program.

The Super Bible Bowl

Children will have the opportunity to help others during the Sunday School year in a variety of ways, including food and mission drives. Look for information in the hallway by the steps leading down to Sunday School.

A small snack is provided to students. Please make the coordinator and the classroom teacher aware of any food allergies your child may have.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Coordinator Presvytera Gousios Athena @ If you would like to volunteer in some way, there are many ways you can help. Some tasks like helping to prepare materials can be done at home if your ability to come before or after church is limited. 

Sunday Church School Staff 2016-2017

Pre Nursery- Nursery .....Presv. Pavlina Sakellariou ,Mrs. Emily Rossiter, Christina LaRussa
 Pre K- Kindergarten.......Mrs. Nicole Skaros Marcello
 1st-2nd Grad ...............Mrs. Lynda Mermigas, Mrs. Diane Schlabig
3rd - 4th Grades ...........Mrs. Cervi
5th-6th Grades .............Presv. Athena Gousios, Mrs. Effie George 
7th-8th Grades .............Mr. Ben Rossiter, Mr. Peter Hiczewski
9th- 11th Grades ..........Mrs.Tina Anas, Dina Turecki, Mrs. Margo LaRussa
12th Grade ..................Dr. George Marinides (teaches Byzantine Hymnology to upper grades)
Youth Hymnology .........Mrs. Cervi, Miss Christina Schlabig

Coordinator Presvytera Gousios Athena
Asst. Coordinator Mr. Peter Hiczewski