AS OF MARCH 18, 2020:
Beloved Parishioners,
Following directions from Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit please note that starting Wednesday March 18 our church will not be open for attending services. 
All services in the parish will be celebrated only in the presence of the priest, one chanter and one altar assistant.  No one else will be able to attend. So, please stay home, pray at home and be safe. Hopefully, this will not last too long. You will be notified when these directions will be revised. 
Let us pray to Christ our Lord, the Physician of our souls and bodies to bring healing to all those who are affected and to protect us all.
In Christ, 
Fr. Christos 
1. All children’s programs (GOYA, Sunday School, Greek School, Greek Dance program etc.) scheduled through April 5th are cancelled (including everything associated with Oratorical Festivals and Greek Independence Day).
2. All gatherings of church ministries  and committees (Parish Council, Seniors, Philoptochos, and others) are  cancelled through April 5th (including the trip to Rochester on March 24th)
3. Orthodox Action will not hold soup kitchen at Demakos Center, but offer a take-away meal to those who come and are in need of food.
We ask all to pray fervently for all those suffering and that this crisis may come to an end. As people of faith we are not afraid, but we believe in the living God, who heals the sick and restores the broken-hearted.
With Paternal Prayers and Love,